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NEBDN Exam Dates 2022-23


NEBDN Exam Dates 2022-23 The National Diploma in Dental Nursing OSCE/Written and Post-Registration exam dates for 2022–2023 have been published by NEBDN. See the calendar below to know when your exam is set: Exam Type Exam Date National Diploma OSCE 14-23 January 2022 Post-Registration 11 March National Diploma Written 8 April 2022 National Diploma OSCE TBC 17-26 June 2022 Post-Registration 9 September 2022 National Diploma Written 11 November 2022 National Diploma OSCE 13-22 January 2023 National Diploma Written 5 April 2023 National Diploma OSCE 2-11 June 2023 National Diploma Written 3 November 2023 Download [...]

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Astounding Performance – 99% Pass Rate


Well done students! Forward achieved a 99% pass rate in the OSCE exam. The students of Forward who sat the recent OSCE exam have achieved an excellent pass rate of 99%. This is a great accomplishment despite the adverse situation due to the covid pandemic. Our highly supportive technical team made sure that the students get good quality online classes. We are grateful to the students who coped very well with the situation and newly introduced exam format. If you want to join the dental nursing industry with placement support in a very friendly and professional environment, join Forward. [...]

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NEBDN Exam Most Searched Queries


NEBDN Exam Most Searched Queries The NEBDN Exam is a summative assessment that comprises a written and practical component aimed at assessing knowledge and decision making to demonstrate trainee dental nurses’ understanding and competence. The written exam is online after the Covid pandemic and is conducted through the Maxexam app developed by Maxinity in the UK. This app is a secure, powerful and complete exam management system for healthcare exams. While you are preparing for the NEBDN exam, the NEBDN team will provide all the exam related information through email to the concerned students who are going [...]

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Upcoming changes to OSCE exams 2021/22 – NEBDN


As per NEBDN Since July last year, we made some changes to our examination timetable to assist students with completing their studies. NEBDN has been working hard to ensure it can continue to support trainee and qualified dental nurses with their professional development during these very challenging, and often uncertain times, as we continue to monitor the Government guidance on tier restrictions and lockdown measures. Our key focus remains to continue to provide students and course providers with as much stability and information as possible, to provide a workable solution with minimal disruption to the services we can provide. [...]

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