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Forward Academic Team is an independent institution, with its Head Office and main college in Woolwich, South East London. Managed by a team of qualified and experienced professionals, Forward is a newly, dedicated and ambitious institute that strives to deliver quality education through rigorous teaching in a supportive learning environment.

Our aim is to equip students with the highest level of dental nursing skills and knowledge so that they will able to achieve outstanding performance in their course assessments, leaves with top qualifications to progress and excel into employment.

Due to popularity and quality dental nursing education, Forward is been able to establish college centers in different parts of the UK including Harrow, Paddington, Farnborough, Folkestone, Basingstoke, Maidstone and Swindon. We are planning to expand more sites in the near future considering a huge demand from the different ethnic communities.

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We, in Forward, serve our customers with great respect in a warm and friendly environment. We take initial assessment of your capability in English reading, writing and speaking and consider your previous qualifications then we guide you accordingly to see what course suits you the most. Forward is one of the most affordable and trustworthy institutions you can find in the UK at the moment. Customers' utmost satisfaction is our main motto and we do everything possible to make you happy. Either you study with us or not , why don't you speak with us to see if we can suggest you a suitable course ?

Why Study at Forward Dental Nursing College?

Forward is a certified nursing college offering a variety of courses to choose from, we are a NEBDN and CACHE registered organisation offering a high level of education to students. We have a 100% pass rate, our teaching staffs are diverse professionals and from good academic backgrounds, they provide our students with a unique insight of their experiences. Thus, our students acquire enhanced understanding of various disciplines and have the good opportunity to participate in a fulfilling learning experience.

Students are equip with the right skills and qualifications to start earning and working in the competitive working world.

  • Reputed Dental Nursing College in London
  • Successful record in providing dental nursing courses in London.
  • Highly qualified and highly experienced staff.
  • An excellent record of student achievement.
  • Great Tuition Centres located at various parts in London
  • workshops, mock exams, eRoE marking and internal moderation
  • Full Tutor support in individual basis
  • Eligible for discounted travel student card
  • Help with obtaining employment as all part of the service, as access to our large database of clients
  • Career Progression towards a Hygienist or Dentist Therapist.


With the amount of courses we offer including RADIOGRAPHY and ORAL SURGERY and many more, you are getting a lot of value for your money compared to other dental courses. At forward, we are looking out for you.


Trainers are well experienced in the related field. Forward dental staff recruitment service is easy, quality and less time consuming. All the applicants are well learned and better performer in the Dental industry.

Forward has also expanded its academic units by providing Qualifi and Pearson BTEC online as well on-campus qualifications to international learners as well. The achievement of exceptional pass rate of over 95% on our Dental course has become the brand image of Forward. Forward is very concerned with the importance of meeting current regulations and also increasing the numbers in networks regarding various practices and government bodies.


We have various campuses across the country including Folkestone, Farnborough, Basingstoke, Maidstone, Paddington and Swindon. Our campuses are top of the class ready environments allowing students to study and train with us.



We have a 100% pass rates on our courses that we offer, with such a high success rate we stand high above our competition, moreover, we also have a variety of links into the dental industry therefore students are given a competitive edge

New Courses

Forward started online dental nursing courses as well where you can achieve dental nursing degree from almost any part of UK. You can be a dental nurse no matter which method you choose to study. We have many options available for students.