NEBDN Spotlight Coverage on Forward Academic Team

First of all, thank you National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN) – course awarding body for publishing a wondeful article about Forward Academic Team. As per the recent publication of the online article about Forward Academic Team on title “Spotlight on Forward Academic Team Ltd”, the NEBDN has perfectly narrated the story of Forward from start till now and how the college is advancing its quality education through practical online classes to alleviate the issues inflated during the COVID-19 and lockdown period.

Spotlight on Forward Academic Team (1)

When Philip Grundy dreamt up of creating a recognized qualification to regulate the dental profession nationwide in the United Kingdom over 80 years ago, little did anyone know that a visionary, dedicated board will take a lead in Dental Industry in the name of the National Examination Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN). With NEBDN’s mission to deliver a dental workforce to meet the changing oral health needs of the UK population, Forward Academic Team Ltd is proud to be one of the leading course providers in the Dental Nursing Diploma. From 18-year-old Angela to 53 years old from different parts of the UK and different countries in the globe, Forward is serving the need of the highly demanding dental nursing industry in the UK. Forward believes in diversity and we are proud to serve multinational learners in our institution.