NEBDN – National Examining Board for Dental Nurses: The Keystone of Dental Nursing Excellence

National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN)

The Keystone of Dental Nursing Excellence: A Comprehensive Overview of NEBDN

The National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN) stands as a pillar in the UK’s dental nursing education and professional landscape. This blog aims to illuminate the integral role and contributions of NEBDN, exploring its essence, operations, and impact on dental nursing.

Who is the NEBDN?

The NEBDN is a leading provider of dental nursing qualifications in the UK. With over 80 years of history, this registered charity has dedicated itself to examining and awarding dental nursing qualifications. It focuses on ensuring learners achieve a high standard of knowledge, understanding, and practical skills, overseen by experienced practitioners​

What Does NEBDN Do?

NEBDN plays a critical role in setting educational standards and curricula for dental nursing. It conducts examinations and awards qualifications, ensuring learners meet the highest standards. By regulating and accrediting training courses, NEBDN ensures quality and relevance in dental nursing education.

Dental Nurses and the NEBDN

For aspiring dental nurses, NEBDN qualifications are a gateway to professional recognition and career advancement. The board offers a comprehensive National Diploma in Dental Nursing and several post-registration qualifications, catering to various specializations within the field​.

NEBDN’s Contribution to the UK Dental Industry

NEBDN significantly contributes to the UK dental industry by maintaining high educational standards, ensuring dental nurses are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. Its qualifications, recognized by key regulators like the GDC, ensure that qualified individuals can register and work as dental nurses, thus enhancing patient safety and care.

Courses Offered by NEBDN

The NEBDN offers a range of qualifications, including:

  1. National Diploma in Dental Nursing: A GDC-recognized qualification focusing on the foundations of dental nursing.
  2. Post-Registration Qualifications: These include the courses below allowing dental nurses to specialise and advance their careers


The relationship between the General Dental Council (GDC) and NEBDN is foundational to the dental nursing profession in the UK. NEBDN’s qualifications align with GDC standards, ensuring that learners who achieve these qualifications meet the professional requirements to work as dental nurses. This collaboration between NEBDN and GDC underpins the quality and regulatory compliance of dental nursing education in the UK.

Forward Academic Team: A NEBDN Registered Course Provider

Forward Academic Team stands out as a multi-location provider of NEBDN’s National Diploma and Post-registration courses. As a registered course provider, Forward Academic Team plays a pivotal role in delivering these esteemed qualifications, fostering a new generation of skilled dental nurses across the UK. Their commitment to quality education aligns seamlessly with NEBDN’s standards, contributing significantly to the dental nursing community.

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