GDC Learning Outcomes – Dental Nursing Diploma

The GDC learning outcomes reflect the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours a registrant must have to practise safely, effectively and professionally.

  • Clinical – the range of skills required to deliver direct care, where registrants interact with patients, and the essential technical skills, carried out in the absence of patients who support their care, for example, by dental technicians.
  • Communication – the skills involved in effectively interacting with patients, their representatives, the public and colleagues and recording appropriate information to inform patient care – Introduction 6 General Dental Council.
  • Professionalism – the knowledge, skills and attitudes/behaviours required to practise ethically and appropriately, putting patients’ needs first and promoting confidence in the dental team.
  • Management and Leadership – the skills and knowledge required to work effectively as a dental team, manage their own time and resources and contribute to professional practices.

The purpose of dental nurse education and training is to produce individuals (Safe Beginners) that can demonstrate their competencies in the outcomes required for registration as a dental professional with the GDC, or post-registration. Students should aim for and be supported to achieve the highest standards in terms of knowledge and skills. This includes clinical, technical and professional attributes particularly putting the interests of the patients first and at all times, as well as being able to judge their limitations and work within them in line with the GDC’s Scope of Practice.