Welcome Message to Students

Dear Students,

Welcome to the new session of the Dental Nursing Diploma at Forward Academic Team!

Given the current circumstances, we will work together to maintain health and safety standards while sustaining the learning excellence and dedicated concentration that is identical to Forward’s learning approach.

Each new session, I announce a theme that will guide the group throughout the course. The theme for this new session is “Learning Never Stops.” I encourage you to think about how you will move forward every day towards earning your GDC approved diploma (NEBDN) and achieve your dream career to become a qualified dental nurse in the UK.

Take advantage of our cloud Learning Management System (LMS) and online Google meet powered online class to help you achieve your full potential. Through the LMS, gain access to all of our available online course-related resources.

Our whole college management team will always be ready to offer dedicated support to keep you on the road to become a qualified dental nurse and achieving professional success. The dedicated placement support team will assist you in finding a suitable Trainee Dental Nurse job in your nearby dental practices. The team will also assist you in your document improvisations, interview suggestions, and career progressions. Throughout the course, you will be benefitted from the extra support sessions like RoE support class, OSCE Exam revision class and Mock test.

Your success is central to our mission at Foward Academic Team. Please reach out to us whenever you have questions. We are always here to support you every step in your journey to become a qualified dental nurse and further career progression.

Reach out to us:

Placement support: students@forwardacademicteam.co.uk

IT/Technical support: support@forwardacademicteam.co.uk

Course/Management support: shekhar@forwardacademicteam.co.uk

Immediate call support: 02070180221, 07943740899

Also offering one-to-one video online consultation.


Sangita Marahatta

Director at Forward Academic Team

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