Know About Trainee Dental Nurse?

Dental Nurse is a very important part of dental team and a person who wants to become trainee dental nurse has to follow all the rules and regulation of dental nurse. They will assist the dental nurse and take well care of the patient they must be very friendly, calm and efficient overall we can say that they must be in good smiling manner to the patient.

What Does trainee Dental Nurse Do?

Trainee dental nurse will work closely with the dental nurse and dentist, they will assist the dentist for the materials required and ensure if there is a proper equipment or not, they help the dentist to provide up to date information about patients conditions, helps reception and make appointments too.

Here are some reasons given why to become trainee dental nurse:

For better career

Trainee dental nurse is the first step of being dental nurse and make it as a career. It is very good job if you are good in making public relation. They have to undertake the additional responsibilities. These include post-qualification certificates in oral health education, radiography, and conscious sedation. Many dental nurse further qualification and trainings as dental hygienists and dental therapists.

Trainee Dental Nurse | Forward academic CollegePersonality Traits

To be flexible, adaptable and reassuring being able to work as part of a team is essential. This things are most important in dental surgery, which is the most painful moment and dental nurse have to work very fast and calmly within a little or no notice.

Calm down the patient

Next work of trainee dental nurse is to calm down the patient make them feel comfort and assure about the treatment they are having. Patient find more comfortable with trainee dental nurse and dental nurse before going to any kind of treatment therefore, dental nurse can improve the communication between dentist and patient.

Assure about the dental equipment

Trainee dental nurse and dental nurse should have the knowledge about all the dental equipment. Some assisting work can be very precise and a high degree of manual dexterity is a valuable trait.


Most dental nurses are employed in general dental practice and others are employed by the hospital service, the armed forces, the salaried primary care dental service and companies that provide dental care for their employees.


Trainee dental nurse have to do many work beside all these mentioned above. There have to co-ordinate with dentist, dental nurse and the patient too.

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