Dental Nursing Course in London

Dental Nursing Course in London

Dental Nursing Course play an important part in the management as well as the organization of dental practice. They are essential in patient care as they are responsible for the treatment of patient by assisting the dentist. They are liable for things like getting the correct instruments ready for dental procedures and ensuring patient contentment throughout their visit.

Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing Courses

No previous experience required. Book free consulting slot with forward academic team in London to assist you for dental nursing course and career.Modern dental nurse are not only limited to the reception work, they also actively take part in the dental surgery and can be regarded as the second important person in oral health and dental practice. They are trained in all aspects of dental health education and clinical practice.We have Special Learning Facilities to Help You Become a Dental Care Professional in London!

Dental Nursing Course in London

Who is the course for?

If you want to become a qualified Dental Nurse but not able to attend class regularly and also to be able to work as a trainee dental nurse with the placement for minimum of 15 hrs then this Dental Nursing course is for you. what you need to do is, you wil have to attend a test before enrolling into this course

Introduction to Dental Nursing Course

Introduction To Dental Nursing course guides and motivates students who are seeking to examine new approach for qualifying as a dental nurse. This course will give slight insight into the dental nursing profession as well as the basic understanding of dentistry and the role of the dental nurse. To sum up all, this course is aimed to provide the students with the basic knowledge that is required before starting the dental nursing career.

Our highly expert and qualified dental nursing tutors in London will assist you, answer all your queries and provide you both with knowledge and confidence at your first step in achieving your career in dental nursing. This course will incorporate following topics:

  • Interview tips
  • Working in a Dental Team
  • Infection Control
  • Record Keeping and Surgery Routine
  • Basic knowledge about instruments and materials
  • Legal and Ethical
  • Health and Safety
  • Basic Anatomy
  • Charting
  • Radiology
  • Medical emergencies
  • Scope of Practice

Fees and Duration

Duration: One Day (5 hrs)
CPD Hours: 5 hours verifiable
Fee: £100.00

Once you complete this one-day Introduction to Dental course and then if you decide to continue further your career in Dental course then you’re welcome to join the Diploma in Dental Nursing Course in any of our following locations.

Dental Nursing Course Content

This can be the right course for the Dental Nurses who are seeking a qualification. On the other hand, this course can be perfect for the students who have no any previous background in the field of dental nursing. Here, everything is taught from the very beginning.

This course primarily focuses on chair side work and support, which is to be carried out in the process of dental treatments. Students will learn about crucial things like professionalism, teamwork, ethics and communication which are necessary to work as a Dental Nurse. Students who complete this course successfully will be registered and approved by GDC General Dental Council.
Students will study 17 mandatory units which can be found on the link:
While students are learning here, they are expected to work in a dental nursing London practice for a minimum of 16 hours per week. This can be very helpful for the students in their dental nursing career as they will gain experience from this.
1. Please read our Application Procedure and accept terms and condition
2. Complete the online Application Form
3. Send copy of your passport (and ID card if EU) and other relevant documents to

Dental Nursing Course Contents

Unit 268 First aid essentials
Unit 301 Reducing risks to health and safety in the dental setting
Unit 302 The role and responsibilities of a dental nurse
Unit 304 Prepare and maintain environment, instruments and equipment for clinical dental procedures
Unit 305 Principles of infection control in the dental environment
Unit 306 Provide chair side support for the assessment of patients’ oral health
Unit 307 Contribute to the production of dental images
Unit 308 Provide chair side support for the prevention and control of periodontal disease and caries and the restoration of cavities
Unit 309 Provide chair side support for the provision of fixed and removable prostheses
Unit 310 Provide chair side support for non-surgical endodontic treatment
Unit 311 Provide chair side support for the extraction of teeth and minor oral surgery
Unit 312 Provide information and support to patients on the protection of their oral health
Unit 313 Assessment of oral health and treatment planning
Unit 314 Dental radiography
Unit 315 Management of oral health diseases and dental procedures


Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing Courses  (Advanced Learning Loan Available)
Awarding body City & Guilds
Qualification Number 5234-01
Credit Value 48 Credits
Course Requirement
  1. a good general standard of education, such as GCSEs (A-C) including English, maths and/or science
  2. successful in SLA online initial assessment
  3. successful in interview with course leader
Course Duration 1 Year
Mode of Study 1 day a week spent at the Academy and 14 hours in work placement
Days of class Mon- Sunday (weekend places are subject to availability)
Campus Woolwich/Farnborough/Acton*
*Subject to availability
Enrolment Fee £100.00
Awarding Body Registration Fee £140
Course Fees
Course Fee £2225 * (Discounts for early settlement)
Payment Plan for Course Fee


 One-off Two Instalments Monthly Total Cost with Finance Option
£1950 £1048 x 2 £429 x 5 £222.50 x 10
Total: £1950.00 £2096.00 £2145.00 £2225.00