Reasons Why Dental Nurse Job Is Getting More Popular?

Become a Dental Nurse

Dental Nursing is one of the demanded industry in UK. This market has played crucial role in the significant growth rate of active manpower and economy as a whole. This industry therefore is contributing a lot for the welfare of people and nation.

But, why the dental nursing jobs are getting more popular these days?


Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Course For Everyone?

Yes, but learner must be already living (Permanently or Temporarily) in UK.

What Is The Duration For The Programme?

12 Months.

Is This an Approved Course?

Yes, this is GDC registered course from NEBDN or CACHE.

Can I Study Online?

Yes, you can study our CACHE dental nursing course online. NEBDN is Face to Face course.

Do You Provide Placements for Us?

Yes, we'll help to you to find placements near your living area.

Are TRAINEE DENTAL NURSES Paid During Placement?

Yes, they are paid £8-£10 per hour.

Where Are Your Centers?

Our Main center is in Woolwich. We run our course in other areas as well: Harrow, Paddington, Swindon, Farnborough, Maidstone, Folkestone & Basingstoke.

How To Contact You?

Our experts will help you in every steps during your admission to course completion.

t: 020 7018 0221


Among the dental professionals, dental nurse is one of the important part of this sector. Dental Nurse are responsible for varied job roles in a dental practise. Their job duties and career benefits are what makes this job more and more popular these days.


So, what are the duties of dental nurse?

  • It is the primary role of every dental nurse to take care of dental patients of all age. During the dental surgery, dental nurse needs to play important role in calming the patients to ease treatment.
  • The main duty of dental nurse is to assist dental doctors during dental surgery of dental patients. As a dental nurse, one needs to cooperate with all dental clinic staffs.
  • As a dental nurse, one needs to help in reception work as well. Welcoming and making them comfortable is very important.
  • Dental nurse needs to gain full confidence and control of the patients and visitors in dental clinics. Therefore, dental nurse should be humble and friendly.

What are the Benefits of Dental Nursing Jobs? 

  • The average salary band for Dental Nurse job is £18,579.
  • Dental Nurse will be able to take additional qualifications certificates such as in dental radiography, oral health education, orthodontics and dental sedation. Therfore there are many career progression routes.
  • Dental Nurse will be registered with the GDC. It is illegal to work as a dental nurse without GDC registration. It helps to boost the career options.

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